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Breaking the "Deadly triad of cardiac surgery"

Intensive care units (ICU) are highly challenging environments that confront care teams with a demanding caseload and require rapid decision making, often in reactive behaviour.


This is where our first product x-c-bleeding comes in. It enables you to achieve proactive action to recognize postoperative bleeding before the devastating consequences manifest.

Technology saves lives


With our product x-c-bleeding, we aim to detect

post-operative bleeding early.


Post-operative bleeding - an unmet medical need


For doctors


ICU is demanding environment for doctors

challenging cases

stimulus and data overload

For patients


complications increase mortality massively

in 100.000 patients/year in Germany

longer and riskier stay at intensive care unit

For hospitals


economic costs for hospitals due to duration of stay at ICU loss in reputation because of high mortality


Our aims

improving patient care

reducing stress for physicians

reducing mortality

reducing length of stay at intensive care unit (ICU)

improving economics

enables other care providers, like nurses

See what's possible

Watch a 2-min product demonstration. View this video and get a quick introduction to x-c-bleeding.


Why choose x-cardiac?

Placing your trust in digitalization pays off, even more, when you choose x-cardiac as your partner. Our products for clinical decision support can be implemented without the need for large-scale IT projects. They also enhance your existing system with useful new functions. 


Pioneer in the digital age of health care by introducing x-cardiac to your hospital or your clients



x-c-bleeding is clinically validated

x-cardiac’s solutions are based on more than four years of research, developed with around 50.000 patient data sets, clinically validated in a study with 10.000 patients published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

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