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Creating the next generation
of digital biomarkers

We are your experts for clinical decision support in cardiac intensive care units.


Our first CE-certified
product x-c-bleeding aims to

prevent life-threatening complications

after heart surgery.


100% interoperable

x-cardiac products integrate seamlessly into the hospital IT system.


Clinically validated

We develop algorithms that

proved their superior performance in clinical studies.


Real-time prediction

x-cardiac detects complications right from the patient’s ICU admission allowing for rapid intervention.

We can support you with predicting these indications:

Post-Operative Bleeding


x-c-bleeding™  targets postoperative bleeding, the key reason for postoperative mortality.

Learn more about x-c-bleeding:

Renal Injury (coming soon)


x-c-renal-injury™  is currently undergoing MDR certification and targets early detection of renal injury, one of the most prevalent postoperative complications.

With our products, you can add a layer of clinically meaningful information to your hospital database system.


Lay the foundation for a new kind of laboratory. With x-cardiac's products you enhance your familiar IT system with a data laboratory for real-time digital biomarkers.

The x-cardiac approach is massively scalable for many indications and different ICUs.


Our DNA: Scientifically proven and clinically validated

Science is in our genes. Not only was x-cardiac co-founded by two of the leading scientists in the field of clinical application of AI. We also stay true to the promise of science, that is: 'Science is based on evidence'. Right from the start, we have maintained close professional and personal contacts to our clinical research partners like the German Heart Center Berlin (DHZB) and the Charité Berlin. Together we continue to improve the standard - precisely tailored to our customers' needs.


x-cardiac on TV

The basic idea behind x-cardiac explained in this 5-minute TV report by German TV station SWR (audio in German).

Source: aus der Sendung vom Do, 2.5.2019 22:00 Uhr, odysso - Wissen im SWR, SWR Fernsehen.

Autor/in: Dirk Beppler für SWR Odysso.

Online: Rebecca Müller-Hocke.

Link zur Seite des SWR.

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