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x-c-renal-injury - currently undergoing MDR certification

Breaking the "Deadly triad of cardiac surgery"

The current development of x-cardiac is an algorithm to predict acute kidney injury (AKI), one of the major complications after cardiothoracic surgery.

Just like our product x-c-bleeding, it enables you to achieve pro-active and preventive action to avoid the devastating consequences of post-operative complications after heart surgery.



x-c-renal-injury outperforms doctors


x-cardiac's solutions are based on more than four years of research, developed with around 50.000 patient data sets, clinically validated in a study published in npj Digital Medicine.

Why choose x-cardiac?


Placing your trust in digitalization pays off, even more, when you choose x-cardiac as your partner. Our products for clinical decision support can be implemented without the need for large-scale IT projects. They also enhance your existing system with useful new functions. 


Pioneer in the digital age of health care by introducing x-cardiac to your hospital or your clients

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