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x-cardiac solutions are eligible for KHZG funding

Seize the opportunity and secure funding for your digitization projects!

Digitization in German hospitals is being intensively promoted by the investment program under the KHZG driven forward by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG).

 A total of up to 4.3 billion euros in funding is available.

Software solutions from x-cardiac are eligible for funding. With x-c-bleeding, we offer you the opportunity to apply for funding for your projects.

We meet all requirements for funding category 4 

x-cardiac's solutions meet all requirements for funding category 4 (Fördertatbestand 4): Establishment of partially or fully automated clinical decision support systems.



Structured recording

Clinical patient data can be recorded electronically in a structured form.




The system can provide individualized recommendations and advice for the respective patient. This is done on the basis of clinical patient data in conjunction with other data.



Warning functions

The system can output reminder and warning signal functions based on clinical patient data.




Data validity

The system can employ standardized mechanisms to ensure data validity and its integrity from the data source(s) across systems to its use by the AI system.



Decision support

The system can provide decision support to hospital staff, e.g., regarding the prioritization of patients.




The system enables (if necessary) court-proof and traceable documentation of the decision-making process.



Plausibility check

The system offers the possibility of plausibility check/evaluation by the technical staff as well as the subsequent possibility to give feedback.



Documented non-compliance

The system provides the ability to show non-compliance with the AI or system recommendation by employees.




The system ensures that all relevant information from decision support systems is accessible electronically and directly through the appropriate hospital information system or clinical workstation system.




The project serves to optimize clinical processes.

We would be happy to support you with our products in the digitization of your hospital.

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