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Highly dedicated interdisciplinary team

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Management Board

For years, the founders of x-cardiac have blazed their own trails in the world of digital health, gaining experience across the entire value chain. But a few years ago, it became clear to them that the crucial key to the future viability of healthcare lies in the reliable and customer-friendly application of AI. This philosophy led to the foundation of x-cardiac.


Oliver Höppner

Oliver Höppner is x-cardiac's CEO, leading the company as it builds a platform that empowers hospitals across Europe. He is in charge of Finance, Business Development and Human Resources. Oliver Höppner's more than two decades of leadership experience includes support of numerous life science companies as a manager throughout all commercial and financial affairs. 

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Alexander Meyer

Alexander Meyer leads the medical development at x-cardiac. His unique background as a heart surgeon and computer scientist allows Alexander Meyer to perfectly combine the world of medicine with the digital world. As a professor for clinical AI at Charité Berlin, he ensures that the products of x-cardiac stay a decisive driver of digital health technology and truly fit the needs of our customers.


Kay Brosien

Kay Brosien leads Operations at x-cardiac. He is also responsible for Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs. In his dual role, he ensures that x-cardiac innovations meet the highest standards from the outset. Prior to x-cardiac, Kay Brosien used his skills as an engineer to develop diagnostic software for congenital heart diseases.




Florian Hoppe

Florian Hoppe leads the technical development at x-cardiac. After receiving his PhD in Machine Learning in 2007, Florian Hoppe was instrumental in the success of various data science projects throughout his career. Whether as a data scientist, manager or company co-founder, Florian Hoppe has repeatedly led data science and AI software into production at start-ups, SMEs and enterprises and now applies this breadth of 15 years of experience to x-cardiac.

Partners and Advisors

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Prof. Volkmar Falk


Volkmar Falk is Medical Director and Director of the Clinic for Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery at the German Heart Institute Charité (DHZC). At the same time, he is the Medical Director of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and was appointed full professor of Translational Cardiovascular Technologies at ETH Zurich. As one of the leading heart surgeons in Germany, he supports x-cardiac enthusiastically as a medical advisor.


Member of the Advisory Board

Dr. Matthias Weiss


Matthias is Managing Director of Commsolid, a leading communications semiconductor company based in Dresden. He holds a PhD and diploma degree in Electrical Engineering and has successfully co-founded several start-ups  with successful exits in major companies. Furthermore, Matthias is actively involved in coaching young startups, in particular in the medical AI domain. Subsequently, he is on the advisory board of growing health start-ups and an active member of the BTOV network.  


Member of the Advisory Board

Christian Seegers


Christian Seegers studied economics and works as Investment Director at IBB Ventures in Berlin. He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the venture capital industry. During this time, he has led, co-led and co-invested a large number of financing rounds and realized several successful company sales/exits. Mr. Seegers has extensive experience in building startups into successful companies.


Co-Founder / Advisor

Prof. Carsten Eickhoff


Carsten Eickhoff is a Professor for E-Health and Medical Data Science at the University of Tübingen. His prior engagements include a professorship for Medical AI at Brown University in Providence, USA, as well as researcher positions at Harvard University and ETH Zurich. Along with Alexander Meyer, Carsten Eickhoff was the scientific initiator of the x-cardiac project and now supports us as a technical advisor.


The x-cardiac story

In 2014, while working as a resident cardiac surgeon, Alexander Meyer came into contact with a clinical problem that had been unsolved until then. This problem was to identify at an early stage which patients were at high risk of major complications after cardiac surgery. Being a computer scientist as well, Alexander Meyer saw a great opportunity to take software analysis methods and artificial intelligence techniques to actually provide him and his team of intensive care physician with a lot better information about patients at risk of complications. This basic concept aims to dramatically improve the diagnosis of complications after heart surgery, which is the foundation of x-cardiac.

After building an initial proof of concept, the x-cardiac team formed during several public grants, such as the BIH Digital Health Accelerator, the Clinician Scientist Program at Charité Berlin and the Spark Validation Fund. In late 2020, after years of hard work, the founding team of Oliver Höppner, Alexander Meyer and Kay Brosien launched the company x-cardiac GmbH.

The great innovation of x-cardiac is to extract already existing data from the hospital database and add a layer of clinically meaningful information in form of predictions. 


With x-cardiac, we want to be the orchestrator of change and drive the field of digital health, because it is changing the way we care for our patients. This is what we live for.

Working at x-cardiac

Join the team and be part of the world of digital health

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